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The Oregon Green Expo


June 30th - July 1st, 2012

Saturday 10am-5pm
Sunday 10am-4pm


Jackson County Expo - Compton Arena Map

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$3.00 daily; 12 & under free


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Apply to be a Sponsor or Exhibitor who offers green and sustainable choices in the following areas:

  • Green Jobs, Green Financing & Entrepreneurship
  • Eco & Nature Based Tourism
  • Green Home Building & Remodeling
  • Sustainability Education & Lifestyles
  • Green Household Products
  • Organic Foods & Gardening
  • Transportation
  • Energy
  • Recycling
  • Water Ecology
  • Health & Wellness
  • Arts, Music, Dance, Theatre & Culture
  • Virtual Media, Social Networks & Resource Centers


2013 Oregon Green Expo

Sustainable Local Living


What About the 2013 or 5th Annual Oregon Green Expo?

Green Home & Lifestyle Show - Sustainable Local Living

Independent, Self Sufficient and Self Reliant Living

There is no date set for the 5th Annual Oregon Green Expo for 2013.

We are in a decision making time as to a potential better time of year, venue for the Show and determining significant Sponsors to help make the show possible.

Our previous years Green Expos have been successfull as reported by our Sponsors & Exhibitors who provide their Expertise, Energy, Time and Money to make the event possible.

We are always open to thoughtful ideas that will help make this event even more meaningful to our Southern Oregon Region. Feel free to participate with your suggestions and considerations Thank you for looking us up!


 We are in unique times with the growing interest in sustainable living practices. Self Sufficiency, Self-Reliance and Independence appear to be emerging themes of concern for the curious and going green citizen. Our Expo this year is adapting to this important trend and The Oregon Green Expo is embracing it wholeheartedly and enthusiastically. Sponsors and Exhibitors have been showcased in the Compton Arena at The Jackson County Fair Grounds. While offering better living choices there will be speaker presentations by our Exhibitors and Sponsors and others with messages for you about Sustainable Local Living. You are invited to participate in any way you wish and pass the word along about this important Community event. Lift a glass to our regional ecological and economic growth and success.






What about the 2013 5th Annual Oregon Green Expo?

Green Home & Lifestyle Show 

Independent, Self Sufficient and Self Reliant Living

 June 30th & July 1st 2012 Show Overview


Developing Sustainable Relationships between Businesses and Community Groups in Southern Oregon


The Oregon Green Expo is a natural venue for creating awareness and collaboration between public and private entities that are focused on our local and Regional success.


Again, and for the 5th time, this June 2012 we are bringing together stakeholders and the curious going green consumer that is searching for smarter and better ways to live. This shapes and blends well with creating a more self-sufficient, independent and self-reliant community and individual life style. 


 As our public institutions are rising to the challenge of helping to develop a more sustainable approach to Sustainable Local Living it becomes apparent that the “New Normal” is saving money. What can be more green then that? Saving money!

Cutting health, food, utility and fuel costs are of individual paramount concern.  As our business and community leaders address this rising trend and become successful in reaching the public, all of this will naturally take stress off the environment. So, it stands to reason that if we choose to “go green” we are ultimately saving money and the environment at the same time! Alas! Another sustainable relationship is created.

Learning of the expertise and the level of service our businesses, local and regional governments can provide is facilitated and created in this environment. The largest green gathering of its’ kind in Southern Oregon.

 We encourage your business in the spirit of public service to participate. Display, present and speak at this year at the 2012 Oregon Green Expo.


A Few Words from Don McCoy -
Plans are underway for the 4th Annual Oregon Green Expo whose theme this year isSustainable Local Living! A special thanks to our Sponsors to date: Grange Co-Op,iSeeSouthernOregon.comBackwoods Home MagazineThe Green BookITREX RecyclingKatPaw Bio-Mats, and US Home Builders.  We are in unique times with a growing interest in sustainable living practices. Self-Sufficiency, Self-Reliance and Independent Living appear to be emerging themes of concern for the curious and going green citizen. Our Expo this year is adapting to this important trend and The Oregon Green Expo is embracing it wholeheartedly and enthusiastically. Speaker presentations supporting our theme will be given by our exhibitors, sponsors, and others offering you better living choices. We hope you will join us! You are invited to participate in any way you wish and pass the word along about this important community event.  Sponsors andExhibitors will be showcased in the Compton Arena at The Expo, plus Volunteer and Speaker opportunities are also available.  Click the appropriate link to apply:
Sponsor          Exhibitor          Speaker          Volunteer     

To apply please go to Exhibitor Application  (apply early - be a Pioneer and receive longer marketing exposure)


Don McCoy


2011/12 List of Sponsors,

2011/12 List of Exhibitors 


We are encouraged again with the specific audience that is attracted to the show. We believe the people that are truly interested and have specific goals for improving their lives attend the show. It is quality and not quantity. They are real contacts which become real clients and finally purchase your products and services. 

As some of you have reported it is "Quality and not quantity" that make the success of the event. We will continue to encourage cross promoting of the events we put on by having each Sponsor and Exhibitor participate in contacting their client base to invite them to the show. This effort beyond the TV, Radio and printed marketing we develop will help increase our attendance and make it a "viral" success for everyone.

- If you are interested in participating in our next event (and we hope you are!) you can lock in the price of the sponsorship and/or booth for this past year with $100 deposit. Please have your payment in by June 15th, 2012  to secure your price. 

Advertising Opportunities:

-If you would like to advertise your business with us please click on and visit the advertising opportunities and participate in our continued email blasts and exposure the web site gives...

Free Directory:

- We have a free directory businesses can sign in for and we are developing this for marketing opportunities to the targeted audience we have developed.

Powered by forward thinking businesses, this year’s Oregon Green Expo will launch the new decade by showcasing products, services, resources and education that will be a catalyst for the growth of sustainable commerce and communities.

Oregon is considered one of the most sustainable regions on earth.  The number of businesses and organizations that want to make a difference and make a profit as well, will grow exponentially by the year 2020. Are you one of them?  Do you offer a product, service or resource that saves energy, creates healthier homes and lives, or contributes to stronger, more self-sufficient communities? Then join us! 

The northern end of state has long been the hub of sustainability, but Southern Oregon is rich with companies and organizations that offer green/sustainable products, services and resources. Join us, connect with other forward thinking entrepreneurs and if you come to visit – allow time to take in the sites and summer activities of the region…raft the fabulous Rogue River, hike Crater Lake, bike through wine country, take in shows at the Shakespeare and Britt Festivals!

Click here to apply now...Exhibitor Application

This year’s Oregon Green Expo focus will be on:

Self Sufficient Independent and Self Reliant Living techniques

  • Alternative Energy & Fuels
  • Green Building & Remodeling
  • Sustainable Health & Wellness
  • Alternative Transportation
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Natural Gardening & Foods
  • Water Ecology
  • Sustainable Communities
  • Responsible Investment
  • Conservation & Recycling

Who Will Attend?  The 2012 Oregon Green Expo will…

  • Be a gathering of green/sustainable public and private sectors
  • Draw consumers who want to fully embrace green and sustainable living and business practices as well as those curious about sustainable lifestyles

Considering Sponsorship?

Are you a leader in the Emerging Green Economy?

The 2012 Oregon Green Expo, June 29th-July 1st , will again deliver unparalleled success in positioning our sponsors and partners as leaders in this Emerging Green Economy.  The 2012 Expo it is brought to life with the support of a select group of partner companies committed to…Sustainable Local Living.

Our track record from the first two annual Oregon Green Expo proves we will drive a quality audience to your green and sustainable products, services, or message…

Your company will receive visibility through wide-ranging, innovative, and strategic media campaigns using viral marketing, social media and online campaigns, traditional broadcast and print media.

Contact Don McCoy for a Sponsor Packet or Click here to APPLY ONLINE to Sponsor

Exhibitors-Expedite Your Marketing  Opportunity!

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Call (541) 773-8200 and reserve your space today or click below to apply!

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The Oregon Green Expo - 2012 - Vision & Mission!

Sustainable Local Living!
To bring together stakeholders who are passionate about green industries and jobs and form long-term partnerships to develop green/sustainable business and networking. To collaborate with and empower businesses, organizations and individuals to create new businesses, new jobs, become sustainably independent and promote the region’s products and services locally and globally.


This years dates are June 29th-July 1st at the Jackson County FairgroundsCOMPTON ARENA You can apply now as an exhibitor and consider becoming a sponsor.

Sustainably yours,
Don McCoy, Oregon Green Expo Event Organizer

The Oregon Green Expo



The Oregon Green Business Association


711 Medford Center #160
Medford Oregon, 97504
Office: 541-773-8200
Web: www.theoregongreenexpo.com


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